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How to create a Game Panel Account

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Step 1

Start by browsing to the Game Panel and click the 'Create Account' link as shown below.




Please note that for security reasons your Game Panel account and Forum Account are separated. 


Step 2

Fill in the registration form. It is vital you use a valid, secure email address as you need to activate your Game Panel account through this email address after registration. 


You will also be asked to fill in two security questions and relating answers. These questions and answers will be used to verify account ownership within our support system. You will not be able to view the answers to these questions!


Step 3

After submitting the registration form, you will receive an email on the email address used during the registration process with an activation link. By clicking the activation link, your Game Panel account will activated and you are able to Sign in to the Game Panel.



Please not that your Game Panel Account is NOT your Game Account!

Game accounts can be created within the Game Panel, for more information refer to this guide.

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