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4s Bugged OMG [Added To Known Bugs]

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i will be around this evening/night so i can help u with this, we now that is bugged and its on todo list send me some pm at forum when u are here or when u see me ingame and i will port the chars u need (obviusly if we ahve proof like u did that u finished).

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Has It been fixed? Havent tried it as of late and would prefer not to waste time if possible.

Don't think so, but the administration will get back on it when they return from vacations.


It's not wasted time.

If you can't find me ingame /gmlist at the right time just send me a forum pm with a proof (screenshot) of all the partymembers at the last room's npc and we'll arrange a date to get you ported into the room with the rewarding npc.

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