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Lineage II Citadel


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I Am hoping some admin can clear 1 thing out for me.

How the hell does the CWH sorting work?


The only conclusion i can come up with is that its based on 1st come 1st serve basis and then stores the ID of the item for that particular slot or something like that.


For example.

1st time deposit in CWH in this order: TPA part, VOP, BOP shaft, CL, STEEL

After that you take them all out and redeposit in any order you want, they will still appear as the above.


Thats exactly what I did, only with 150+ items, deposited them in a nice order, but they still appeared all messed up in there.


So I just wanna know the L2 logic behind it. And if it works as I said, is there anyway to reset it.

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