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Quests with boosted drop amounts

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The following quests have an increased drop amount:


A game of cards - 5x
A Powerful Primeval Creature (75) - 5x
Alliance With ketra orcs (74) - 5x
Alliance With Varka Silenos - 5x
Alligator Hunter (40) - 5x
An Ice Merchant's Dream (53) - 5x
Black Swan  - 5x
Bones Tell The Future (10) - 5x
Bring Wolf Pelts (3) - 5x
Clean Up The Swamp of Screams (66) - 5x
Coins Of Magic (40) - 5x
Collect Arrowheads (10) - 5x
Collect Spores (8) - 5x
Conquest of Alligator Island - 5x
Covert Business (10) - 5x
Curse of the Fortress
Delicious Top Choice Meat 
Dragon Fangs
Exploration Of Giants Cave (part 2) (57) - 5x
Exploration Of Giants Cave (part one) (51) - 5x
For Sleepless Deadmen (60) - 5x
Gather The Flames (74) - 5x
Ghosts of Batur (23) - 5x
Grave Robber Annihilation (20) - 5x
Grim Collector (15) - 5x
Guardians Of The Holy Grail (73) - 5x
Hellbound Caravan (78) - 5x
Hellbound related items
Hunt Of The Black Lion (25) - 5x
Hunting For Wild Beasts (20) - 5x
Hunt of the golden ram mercenary force (66) - 5x
Illegitimate Child Of A Goddess (63) - 5x
In Search of Fragments Of Dimension (20) - 5x
In the Forgotten Village
Influx Of Machines (46) - 5x
Keen Claws (3) - 5x
Legacy Of Insolence (59) - 5x
Lizardmen's Conspiracy (25) - 5x
Linnaeus' Special Bait - 5x
Lanosco's Special Bait - 5x
Necromancer's Request
O'Fulle's Special Bait - 5x
Pleas Of The Pixies (3) - 5x
Relics Of The Old Empire (74) - 5x
Revenge Of The Redbonnet (4) - 5x
Rise And Fall Of The Elroki Tribe (75) - 5x
Scent of Death - 5x
seeker of the holy grail - 5x
Seductive whispers - 5x
Sense For Business (21) - 5x
Shrine Of Loyaly (700 mobs) - 5x
Skirmish With The Werewolves (9);5
Subjugation Of Lizardmen (17);5
Supplier Of Reagents (57);5
Sweetest Venom
The Finest Food (71) - 5x
The Finest Ingredients Part One (73) - 5x
The Zero Hour - 5x
Trade With The Ivory Tower (8) - 5x
Under The Shadow Of The Ivory Tower (40) - 5x
Vanquish Remnants (21) - 5x
War With ketra orcs (74) - 5x
War With Varka Silenos (74) - 5x
Warehouse keeper's pastime - 5x
Whisper Of DReams Part 2 (60) - 5x
Whisper Of Dreams Part One (56) - 5x
Wrath Of The Ancestors (5) - 5x
Willie's Special Bait - 5x
Yoke Of The Past (20) - 5x

The following quests have an increased drop chance:

Exploration Of Giants Cave (part two) (57) - 5x
Exploration Of Giants Cave (part one) (51) - 5x

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Can you consider boosting these quests? A lot of players will be focusing on them, so there will be a struggle getting all the q items with a 1x drop rate.



- Acts of Evil: http://archive.l2portal.com/Quests%20WalkThrough/Mainland/025.html     < high priority on boost




Dion chain quest:


- Temple Executor  http://l2wiki.com/Temple_Executor

- Temple Champion I  http://l2wiki.com/Temple_Champion_-_1     < high priority on boost

- Temple Champion II  http://l2wiki.com/Temple_Champion_-_2

- Shadow Fox 1  http://l2wiki.com/Shadow_Fox_-_1

- Shadow Fox 2  http://l2wiki.com/Shadow_Fox_-_2    < high priority on boost

- Shadow Fox 3  http://l2wiki.com/Shadow_Fox_-_3    < high priority on boost





*high priority is caused due to a big amount of people farming those areas

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Coins Of Magic (40) - 5x


I feel this quest needs a further boost. I'm trying to get Collector Membership lvl 1, to unlock "Kail's Magic Coin" quest (which rewards an A-grade weapon recipe) and collecting the necessary coins is a pain.


How it works now: You get 5 lowest-level coins every ~15-20 kills.

How it should be: Drop amount and/or chance should be increased. Membership lvl 1 requires a total of 600 lowest tier coins, which gives you an idea of the number of kills that is required. Even if you have the patience to grind, considering the other aspects of the game you will miss by doing this quest (and outleveling it unless you make use of the .exp off command), makes this quest not worth doing, which should not be the case, since is one of the few ways to get an A-grade weapon recipe as a solo player.


Suggestion: Keep chance as is, boost amount to 15x, so that you get a batch of 15 coins per drop instead of the current 5.

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I also find coins of magic quest slow.



And I suggest these quests to be added to the list:

Lanosco's Special Bait

O'Fulle's Special Bait

Willie's Special Bait

Linnaeus' Special Bait



Does bumping this topic have even any sense? :D No matter, bump.

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I made the following changes:


Lanosco's Special Bait - x5
O'Fulle's Special Bait - x5
Willie's Special Bait - x5
Linnaeus' Special Bait - x5
Coins of Magic - x15
Changes wont be live until the next reboot. After the reboot these will be included in the change log

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Thanks for fullfilling my request. Please increase this one too, its basically a chain with "Coins of Magic" :


Kail's Magic Coin -> x2


EDIT: This one should be boosted to x2 to accommodate the server rates, anything higher and it will be too easy. Having read the official forums q items weren't dropping frequently.


Again thanks for your attention.

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Possesor of precious soul part 1. Drop rate on malruk sucubus claws sucks a lot, and when you finally drop the q item, you get only 1 of 10. I dont know about the other parts of the quest, but maybe all parts should be boosted to x5 drop amount. At least the first.

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