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Lineage II Citadel
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HB entry Quest

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The HB entry quest is finished; relevant client files will be added to the updater by Charlie. For those who want to give it a go; I left all necessary NPC's at the warpgate at the entry to the wastelands.




Quest guide:


This quest shows you how to get to the Hellbound. It is required if you want to enter Hellbound. The quest will take you 10 minutes and will give you no rewards except for the permission to enter hellbound. You will need to be level 78 at least to start the quest.


Step 1: Accept the quest
Accept the quest at the NPC "Casian". He can be found in the wastelands. Teleport there from Gludio via the Gatekeeper Bella. Now just run to the pin on the map.



Step 2: To Galate
Casian will send you to Galate who is standing next to the gatekeeper in Heine. You can teleport there from dion or giran for example. Talk to him.
Step 3: The Blue Crystal
Galate now wants a proof of you, for that go back to Casian and get the Blue Crystal as a proof.
Step 4: Enter Hellbound
When you have the crystal return to Galate, now the quest is finished and you got your permission. With the permission you can now talk to the Warpgate next to her, it will teleport you straight to hellbound.


Step 5: On Hellbound
Gratulation you are now on hellbound. Don't worry, your client is not broken. There is just no map for hellbound. Happy farming, but be aware of the heat



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