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Lineage II Citadel
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L2Citadel Newbie pack Event (and exp runes for all)!

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We're happy to announce the L2Citadel Newbie pack event!

This event will help new players to catch up to the general population of our server by providing shadow gear and consumables. The event as of now has no end date and the Newbie pack will be updated based on server developments. 


Upon character creation, all characters will receive a L2Citadel - Supply box. This box can be opened and will split in four more boxes:

 - A No-Grade supply chest

 - A D-Grade supply chest

 - A C-Grade supply chest

 - A consumable supply chest


Each grade chest contains a light, heavy and robe armor set as well as a jewelery set of the respective grade, all neatly packed in their own box. The consumable supply chest contains some more goodies to help you on your journey to imminent fame. 


Check the subsequent posts for a detailed listing of the contents of the supply chests.


Some notes about the newbie pack items:

 - All newbie pack items are shadow items, except consumables

 - Newbie pack items are NOT tradable 

 - You can NOT sell newbie pack items to NPC

 - The items also can NOT be dropped

 - The items CAN be stored in your private warehouse

 - The items have normal weight so be careful to not unwrap them all at once.



But wait!? I started last weekend and didnt get a supply chest!! GM HALP PLZ!

Dont worry! A the planned maintenance of Monday (the 2nd of March) at 6am gmt+1 we will deliver a supply chest to all characters of level 50 and below.


IMPORTANT: To view and use these newbie items it is important that you update your clients after the maintenance!

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Consumable box
The consumable box contain the following items:
5x L2Citadel - Fresh Fruit cocktail
A potent potion giving you a variety of mage buffs!
5x L2Citadel - Sweet Fruit cocktail
A potent potion giving you a variety of fighter buffs!
1x L2Citadel - Chest of Runes
When you open the L2Citadel - Box of Runes, it will split in 10 Rune holders, each containing 1 rune of +50% Exp/Sp for 3 hours upon double clicking!
The Runes actual Runes are active when they are in your inventory and the effect does not stack. Runes are active for 3 hours no, matter if you are logged in or not.
Fear not! Runes or note only for newbies! As a followup to the double exp event which was very well received, we decided to gift every player with a character on L2Citadel 5x a box of Runes at the next maintenance (Monday the 2nd of March at 6am gmt+1)!

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