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How does the buff system work here?

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As previously announced we have thoroughly reviewed the retail-like buff system in Hellbound versus it's buff content. As pointed out by many of you in a very lengthy discussion thread, Hellbound features almost the same buff content as Gracia Final but the amount of buff slots available is very limited.


Hellbound was a relatively short chronicle on retail timewise and most players did not reach end game before the launch of Gracia. As we will not be upgrading to other chronicles we have to take endgame dynamics into consideration.


We do believe that the Gracia Final buff system would have to much of an impact on the chronicles' game play but we also acknowledge the very fair points raised regarding the limitations of the Hellbound buff system.


We've therefore decided to meet you in the middle;

 - Dances and Songs remain on the same bar as normal buffs

 - The maximum number of buffs is increase from 20+4 to 24+4 

 - Trigger skills are excluded from the maximum number of buff slots


We consider the following skills to be trigger skills:

Archer's Will
Blunt Mastery
Counter Chance
Counter Dash
Counter Rapid Shot
Dagger Mastery
Enchanter Barrier
Excessive Loyalty
Fighter's Will
Knight Defense
Maximum Ability
Mutual Response
Power of Apella
Protection of Alignment
Protection of Elemental
Protection of Rune
Rogue Critical Chance
Summoner Spirit
Warrior Haste
Please note that this topic is purely informational and our decision regarding the subject is final.

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