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Found 4 results

  1. Known Bugs

    - Community server is not yet functional.
  2. Clan Section Rules - Thread titles must be in English. - Posts can be in a different language but they must include an accurate English translation. - Posts without a English translation will be deleted without notice. - Flaming belongs in the flame section and will not be allowed here.
  3. Please read this post before creating a thread. 99% of client issues have already been covered during our 5x server so please look here: http://l2citadel.com/forums/forum/15-client-support/ for a solution to your problem. Also there will be a list of the most common issues and there solutions in this post. Updater Does Not Open Or Doesn't Launch Game 9.99 out of 10 times your anti-virus or firewall is blocking it even if it does not notify you. Whitelist the Updater and entire system folder in your AV and Firewall. Additionally we always supply an up to date manual patch that you can apply and than run the game with L2.exe inside the system folder. Also be sure to run the Updater as Administrator. Game Fails To Open Or Open And Closes After A Few Seconds Same as above. Your AV or firewall is blocking the game from launching properly, whitelist the system folder. You Are Disconnected After Choosing Server On Server Selection Screen Your files are not up to date and our system is kicking you. Run the updater or apply the manual patch. Game Crashes With Error: History: CreateDevice <- UD3DRenderDevice::SetRes This has been well documented here: http://l2citadel.com/forums/topic/753-history-createdevice-ud3drenderdevicesetres/ No Time Left On This Account This means your account has been banned for breaking the server rules. Either automatically by our system or manually by staff. Botting, selling items for real money, and gold selling are the most common causes for this.
  4. How To Report A Bug

    It is important that you report bugs properly. This helps us check and fix them as fast as possible. The knowledge about Hellbound is hard to find these days and for most remembering exactly how things were in Hellbound is pretty hard. Be absolutely sure what you are posting is a bug and back it up with at least 1 reliable source link. I suggest you use the following template. Bug Report Template Bug Type: Exploit, skill, drop, client, item, you get the idea. How can we reproduce it: How it is now: Explain the bug in detail. How it should be: Explain how it should work. Source Link: Provide at least one reliable and reputable source link to backup your report. Screenshots or even video clips are always welcome and can be helpful.