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  1. advertisement/votes

    as you can see, nobody votes expect 30-50ppl out of 1000 :) so how you wanna raise the server community`? if you dont want votes, you hjave to advertise..
  2. advertisement/votes

    gms? care?:P after 5 days we have 200 votes at hopzone... thats low for a community with 1k+ ppl... need to increase it
  3. at monument of heroes you can see what the listed guys did the last days, for example when they slained baium etc. but on your server its on russian? why the hell? change it to english and not on that hyroglyphs which are written down on russian there >.<
  4. advertisement/votes

    1. make dual box only possible when you have voted 2. Soul Crystals 11,12 ( i know it affect the gameplay but not gamebreaking) many ppl without a CP will vote for sure 3. random packs with small rewards like Few Ancient Adena, NOT MANY. 4. buff potions random reward 5. low level pets like kookaburra/wolf/buffalo at start level and hatchlings about things like that i´ve thought. but iam not sure what of those things you can change. in my opinion its nothing gamebreaking because its a mid rate server and most things are easy to get :P
  5. Olympiad time

    it will bring competition to the olympiad if you change the olympiad register times. like not every day for 6 hours. for example make it on a few days possible to enter, announce or whatever. there will be a "fair oly" (ofc ppl will feed thats normal) but like now its just like you need 10 ppl to organise to take a hero^^... and period is 4 weeks here or it´s shortened?
  6. advertisement/votes

    a bit better vote rewards/more advertisement would be finde. server is not bad populated but there can be a lot more... i see we are only rank 25 at hopzone for example. it should be in top 10 actually... but ppl dont vote at "low rewards". ofc it should not destroy the gameplay but its a midrate, things are easy to get, maybe improve vote rewards a bit, better rewards.
  7. stop talking that much pls :) my EE i started today :) well better go to bed now, we will see us later on the battlegrounds :) Gear up with your pack and GL //CLOSED found a skilled CP.
  8. Kazuya i don´t understand why you talk in my topic :) just because you aren´t organisated and you wanted to keep ME like a backup player in your pt .. LOL :D i left a message btw. still lf CP. EE/Necro whatever is needed
  9. EE 52 Necro 57 lf international ACTIVE CP. i started today at 21.Juli at l2citadel. the post will be updated with my current level, you can expect lv 76+ in the weekend so feel free to pm me here or ingame!
  10. hello. today i tried to login and after i selected server system told me" you have been disconnected from the server". after i run updater and logged in again it told me "there is no time left on this account". a few of my accounts are banned. Fernstolz, Crafterpwnz on that account all my mats was, SLS*Duals, Adena. looking for GM help
  11. hawkeye lv 57 lf active int. CP. online from 5/6 p.m. GMT+1 till open end. at weekends full days pm me here on on Skype: Lionna1993
  12. German Archer CP lf

    UPDATE: Looking for Bishop/ Trickster 50+ Would be nice if you can speak German or good English at least!! Pm here or at Skype: Lionna1993 CP Prime Time 18:00/19:00 GMT+1 Till 23:00/24:00. at weekends much much More!!!!
  13. server population

    i know the others have fake onlines :P 99% servers today are failed and pay2win so im happy to have citadel right now. would be just nice if that ppl understand this and will join here .. keep going
  14. server population

    pls make more advertisement for more server population pls