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  1. Three Words Game

    So say something
  2. Wrath Suggestions And Ideas

    Balance quest rewards/ QI drops. I know it is x15 and not much ppls will do quests, especially low lvl ones. But there are still some quests worth doing. Usually when you can exchange QI for mats/recs/keys. For example the quest in FotD where you change zombie liver and skeleton ribs for some usefull mats. Another quest of this kind is Delicious top meat or whatever it is in Beast farm. These are just examples, but there is plenty of such quests which are worth doing if they have balanced rates with server exp rates. Back on x5 there was x3 on QI amount, but then it was lowered to x2 due to issues with even numbers of required QI. Some quests then became painfull or useless to do at all. I am looking at you, Coins of Magic. Took me about 10 lvls just to get few coins for Demon's gloves :-D
  3. Three Words Game

    bug about this
  4. Three Words Game

    for Homer Simpson
  5. Three Words Game

    with broken wing
  6. Three Words Game

    like a troll
  7. Three Words Game

    and you will
  8. Three Words Game

    Does it matter?
  9. Three Words Game

    they have cookies
  10. Three Words Game

    into Murican's fat
  11. Three Words Game

    eating my wing-dang-doodle
  12. Three Words Game

    with mother of
  13. Three Words Game

    the asshole of
  14. Three Words Game

    house of cards
  15. Three Words Game

    evil alien was