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  1. anakazel stuff

    Sorry that i dont get cry for 22 anakazels now
  2. anakazel stuff

    14th time since now and no crystal all member got the conditions so give me a proper answer pls
  3. anakazel stuff

    ofc we do it properly all chars got Q lvl 12 cry inventory < 60 till now 12 anakazels got killed
  4. anakazel stuff

    dont even care the problem is i have spended like 20 hours on this sh1t and i still dont have my crystal
  5. anakazel stuff

    hello i have killed since yday like 9 anakazels and havent even 1 cry raised in party whats wrong with that sh1t?all ppl in pt got quest and inventory < 60/80 need a serious answer for that i wont spend my entire day on that sh1t