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  1. Suggestion how to save the server :

    so u want this server to turn into mid-rate pvp one? I'd better leave, mid-rates are like flies on hopzone ;)
  2. Grave Robber Scout spoil bug

    Did u see the screenshot above? They DO NOT spoil x10 ori ore at a time as it should be..
  3. Pagan Temple

    Wrong again, the respawn is the same in both rooms and hall. There must be smth really wrong with you, or you like to argue about stuff u are not concerned with.
  4. Pagan Temple

    Who is talking about anterooms? You are rly misslead dude, learn to read before u speak, ty. Quote me where i said something about anterooms and i will not talk anymore. You are the spammer of the forum, i can see that, but please, when you're picking the wrong fight, at least pick the right weapon.
  5. Pagan Temple

    The best way to end up an argue when u are beaten. Nothing to say anymore
  6. Pagan Temple

    "Once you open the initial door to the temple, after entering the mirror, there is a square room with a fence around a statue in the middle, and four undead zombie mobs, 1 in each corner. You will need to kill a zombie or two to get an Anteroom key, if you don't already have one. They are neither aggro nor social in this room." and "The spawn rate is very fast, but otherwise normal." Both missing. Ty, and read careful next time
  7. Pagan Temple

    "forbidden to modify" part make me laugh. You seem to lack the experience of modified and non-modified skills in L2. I will give u example straight away: L2Pride server been running since 2007 (interlude back then) until this year (gracia final) when it closed. That server had more modified skills than u can imagine. False again. Not everything u read on the internet is true.
  8. Pagan Temple

    Funny how u take everything on the internet for true. So taking ur path i can say: "How can u trust this guy?"
  9. Pagan Temple

    That's false. I can't find info about hellbound offi expansion on the net anymore to prove u wrong. So the 10 minute or more respawn is ok? And 2 mobs in the hall on the one side are ok? And all mobs are agressive and social with each other, go check that urself. Pagan is meant to be "solo/party" area with upper room/hall dedicated to bish//ee/paladin classes to solo and down around the rb and triols for parties and spoil parties.And if u believe u have "offi" server u must be rly drunk, every game developer knows that big companies like NCSoft, Blizzard, Ubisoft, etc. leak their patch/expansions with a little bit "touched" data just to show off and private copy servers like u make the advertisement. It's called passive advertisement. And if u try to convince me that ur server is working even close to 99% as it should be, i must be really dumb to believe.
  10. Pagan Temple

    My 3 years experience on Teon, my 6 years experience on private servers, and my 1 week experience on this server. I've played every L2 version after C3, including 1 year on Hellbound alone (private server L2Dex, most ppl know it, because it was and it is still one of the number ones). The mobs in the first big room are missing (or either have sooooooo long respawn i couldnt see any) and they are not social with Triols. Wrong.
  11. Pagan Temple

    Pagan temple mobs are not as they should be. In my l2 experience i've been there since c6 and the mobs are not agressive (undead ones) nor the respawn time is this high. Fix this.