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  1. Suggestion how to save the server :

    the post i did before there is nothing repeated even i am saying something that i never said before on the post i did to apologize i just said the truth 2 times, to open and close and i am not the one saying that people were looking for an excuse to leave, i just "quoted" some other player posts
  2. Suggestion how to save the server :

    i dont see anyone as nothing, just some of u repeat the same sentence again and again and think that somehow doing that will make it becoming the truth, thats the only problem i see here btw admins, lonely in this case as someone asked for him was who told me that i was the one who did that (as said on my topic i didnt even knew till i came back from holydays, he was on holydays too)
  3. Suggestion how to save the server :

    stop saying shit, i cant spawn adena or items or nothing so plz stop with this stupid flame about accidental or not. it was accidental if u dont trust ok, but stop sayign about why i would make a macro or not as i did a fuking macro for close to all gm commands even if i would use them or not so stop sayign the same shit on every post, i would just clean forum of stupid posts like this as it was said on other posts, many people (dont gonna say names) just wait for an excuse to leave server
  4. I apologize

    gonna close this, just wanted u all to know the truth, just to conclude was only my fault, and never tried to help anyone, so sorry again we never helped anyone TAO was on that siege with PHG this was from another topic but TAO jools seems to be bought from defiance (according to other topics) u can trust or not, but theres no corruption here (as far as i know, and i know much since i have been here from closed beta, my join date lies u)
  5. I apologize

    yea, we helped TAO and now i was supposed to help others to kill TAO... makes sense btw the TAO epic items all know where they got them from and thats from another topic
  6. I apologize

    ofc i dont have macros with teleportto to every char, just did some for that siege specially, i explained it bad, edited
  7. I apologize

    ask companies why they ask all their employees to get vacances on august i had the last of july+1st of august and the last of august
  8. I apologize

    well according to: http://l2citadel.com/forums/topic/3705-the-admins-what-is-it/ I was on holydays from 20 to 30, so when i came back on monday and i saw some forum posts talking about this, even talked with maxfury by pm. I was the only GM around in that time and ofc i observed all sieges, (like i do with olys, maybe someoen saw me picking up some oly stadium that had the floor full of trash :) ) this is not even an excuse i know, i did some macros like //teleportto (some special names like WTS, dozinka, bryanfury, xsinic and others) and ofc i had some other macros with gm actions. somehow and still dont know how, i could heal him (the resume: missclick while observing, i could even missclick and make him ride a wyvern). I apologize for this, to bryanfury, and all clans involved in siege, all people around and the staff for all the problems this could cause. OFC i have nothing to do with anyone there like i saw in some posts, calling gm bryanfury, his healer, or enemies, or anyone, i wait for 2 days from admins to answer to react. I am not playing on server, not even have a lvl 1 char (just one 85) and the only people i know outthere are the admins and Dayni So again, i am really sorry for what this caused and hope this not interfered in game (didnt know this happened till monday) Regards
  9. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    isnt good to know that they sold them, if it was for real money
  10. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    i actually look to all "top" players inventory and i didnt saw nothing unusual, if u say names we can even track them, but for sure that admins/gms never helped anyone
  11. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    myself and other staff members seeks for bots even with our protection (some bots gets ban directly) and we got many of them (adrenaline leave logs), i am always behind reported "botters", balatee was one of them ofc and i never saw him botting, if u make bot reports take sure that us will stay behind them like an autofollow bot regards
  12. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    i will just add 1 thing, no gm helped anyone ingame, keep on the flame ;)
  13. pow/pof

    pow/pof arent changed along other buffs on hellbound, so no, powind does not decreases ur speed but doesnt give vr neither, powind: accuracy, atk speed, evasion and some not visible stats like crit dmg from back pof: to resume is a cov without the magic thing and decreases less speed than cov :)
  14. Subclass Quest Golka box [Added To Known Bugs]

    got pmed ingame for this and saw many people there, admins know about this now :) hope this can be fix on a good way
  15. Something to do with ES cubics

    so as i am asking, other summoners or even people with cubics from mass cubics should have the same problem thats what i am asking :)