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  1. I Suggest we take whats left and give server the best chance it will probably get. Can we just put the "Pride" aside and form just 2 Sizeable clans, declare war on each other, add some salt and drama and let the ball roll. I am sure we can get 40+ actual ppl in each easily and have some fun for as long as it may last. Afterall none of what you farmed up to this point really matters, if there is no one to use it on. Who knows maybe it's just the spark we need to make the server feel alive again. In the end I never understood why people will just form 5 man "clans" and never let go, never participate, never PvP, isn't L2 supposed to be Massive Multiplayer Online ? I have further ideas on how to make it competitive and interesting on a daily basis, but it only matters if you care. So if anyone is interested let me know here or in PM, we can discuss the details. If you feel down... JUST DO IT
  2. lol on 5x ppl cried rates are too low. 15x same story? 99% of people just don't know what they are stepping in to with HB chronicle. On top of that, I can only imagine how much emo there would be if they have left it 100% retail, without buffs to buff slots and such. Get a grip, go play GF on Russian servidors, problem solved. There is always at least 1 running. GF is EVEN bigger world and more instanced than HB, its even harder to meet people lol. srs
  3. 4s Bugged OMG [Added To Known Bugs]

    Has It been fixed? Havent tried it as of late and would prefer not to waste time if possible.
  4. Well 5x was running almost empty for a full month, Im sure the servers are paid well in advance.
  5. BBQ [International]

    that pretty much sums it up.
  6. BBQ [International]

    up Recruiting any Active Classes/ TS3 mandatory.
  7. Spellbooks from hellbound

    Aside from a few kamalol books there is nothing else. The Main topic back on 5x was about the rush impact really, not any other spell, and how without it berserkers were useless. well they added it, they are still nowhere to be found lol. not toooo sure why they added smart cubic tbh. and just FYI HB only has 81 skills.
  8. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    Its clear to me when I have to deal with ignorant people. But here is another go. What fucking evidence? You are giving us A STORY ON THE INTERNET, a fucking miracle, he can write text on forums, guys, you better believe it. Anyone can write ANYTHING here, does that make it EVIDENCE? NO. Get that through your thick skull. Then you come out and demand Admins do the research based on what? Oh yeah, a FUCKING STORY lol. Charlie obviously has some common sense, that's why he is treating this as a huge joke lol. If that doesn't get through to you.. Here is an example for you: FACT. I had 2 Antharas earrings on day 3, but I traded them to 3 different people, then a friend told me he sold 1 for reel muney, he has a bugatti now, based on the facts I presented, GMs you should go investigate, do database search, I want you to work extra 4h a day, I don't want ppl to emo quit. kappa Just this sentence proves you have no idea. EVEN if he had/has those items, THEY ARE LEGIT, EPICS DIED LEGIT, DROPPED THEM LEGIT, But you had no clue did you? If you have no screens, proof, logs why the FUAKKKK are you coming out and saying anything AT ALL? People just have to take your word for it? Are you some big shot? What is it. Its just .... this meme describes this perfectly
  9. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    Read stardusts response, nothing to do with botting, just your lack of l2 knowledge. You are the one coming out with a sob story. You said it your self you are a close 2nd in the clan. As it stands it's just your word nothing more, and you know that, why bring it up in the 1st place if you have no proof. All this talk yet not a single screenshot ? The "20 sets of jewels" statement reeks of so much bullshit I don't know what to do with myself.
  10. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    You probably don't know this, but you can visit a hero monument and see what raids have heroes killed, you will find baium AND antharas AND QA on that list. now thats outta the way. Before you make assumptions of GM CARAPT HALP, how about this theory, he is an alt of some defiance guy who has access to those epic? which one is more plausible I wonder. Next time learn the game and use your brain 1st. Its almost like you want the GM CARAPT thing to be true, to make yourself feel better. If you see teza of valakas neckl, then you can start your investigations. On top of that, people got epics like QA from the event. About adena, again if you knew the game you wouldn't be saying these things, I could obviously say how to make shit tons of adena, legit, no hack or whatever, but then it would lose value even faster.
  11. Something to do with ES cubics

    Crashed in Oly vs TH General protection fault! History: NConsoleWnd::OnOlympiadSpelledInfo <- UGameEngine::OnOlympiadSpelledInfo <- ExOlympiadSpelledInfoPacket <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <- Function Name=ExOlympiadSpell <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop Fix pls thx
  12. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    So typical. 1st Fail miserably, QQ, Leave server, Q_Q more and do everything to drag the server down with you. Antharas has been killed weeks ago, Baium killed Weeks ago. Funny when ppl have no idea, they auto asume its caraption.
  13. Something to do with ES cubics

    tiny bump, this error is very annoying, borderline game breaking for me. <3
  14. WTB Draco Helm/Boots/Gloves recs

    WTB Draco Helm/Boots/Gloves recs Got MA recs, Full MA Gloves, Giant Codexes, Adena, Mastery Codexes, 12 Crystals, S wep recs, Ele Stones.