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  1. WTB IC/Draco rec/full items

    Wtb ic gloves/boots/gaiters/breastplate rec/full Wtb draco armor rec/full I can offer adena and draco helm gloves/rec, ic helm rec, ma gloves/boots rec, weapon s recs Leave msg here or pm in game "Linka
  2. Wts/t S grade armor/weapon recs

    Wts/t Draco helm/gloves rec Wts/t IC helm rec Wts/t MA gloves/boots rec Wts am/db/fb/hd rec Intrested in adena, ic gloves/boots rec. leave msg here or pm in game "linka
  3. Forgotten scroll - fighter's will

    So.. description says "Increase P. Atk. and Atk. Speed when using short-range weapon" not "Has a chance to increase P. Atk. and Atk. Speed while attacking" and i didin't get any passive bonus, only from time2time while attacking
  4. Forgotten scroll - fighter's will

    So it shouldn't give passive bonus instead of chance during attack?
  5. I just learned fighter's will and it gives me 0 passive bonus, I get bonus only when skill is activated. If i'm not wrong this skill should work like this: http://l2wiki.com/Fighter's_Will_-_Adventurer Can you fix this or explain why it works diffrently?
  6. Fighter's will

    Can any1 tell me how fighter's will should work? FW should work like this: http://l2wiki.com/Fighter's_Will_-_Adventurer ? or it works diffrently?
  7. Worth to play here?

    Would be nice if GM could tell us how much ppl play here in evenings
  8. Augmentation bug

    or he won't.... :D
  9. Augmentation bug

    I hope GM will read this topic and give answer....
  10. Augmentation bug

    still the diffrence is HUGE 10 and 200 on buff...
  11. Augmentation bug

    and how looks data for trigger skill? Trigger give 10% and passive just 10?
  12. Augmentation bug

    Well, waiting for GM answer, mby he can check that. Still chance p def give around 200 with buffs...
  13. Augmentation bug

    so i can get 2x +15 p def or smth like that and SKILL give 10p def? I play l2 on dex/rpg etc and everywhere it gives 100 or even more... 10 p def it's just irrational
  14. Augmentation bug

    Hey, I have problem with augmentation. I got passive shield lvl 10 and it gives me 10 p def. It should give at least 100. My friend got chance p def. and he get around 200 p. def with buffs. So 10 p. def it's just a big joke. Please solve this. I already send msg to Shepard like Dayni told me to do but got no answer.
  15. L2Citadel Official Client Mods

    After using custom files you can have some problems with skill enchanting (i don't see all available routes), after full check all works fine.