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  1. New server opening date

    Many peoples waiting your server becase hb client best and many people like it. So think about server start i hope you can do rly good server with about 2k peoples We waiting your info about server start!
  2. Koks nors klanas belikes?

    Mazai kaskaip lietuviu si kart cia atejo :)
  3. Warlord in helbound.

    Nieko ispudingo wl zinok cia ant pvp :)
  4. Diskusijos nuomones apie x15

    Sveiki,kaip manot nusiseks x15? :) kaskaip mazokai reklamos matosi , kas zada ateiti zaisti cia? ;)
  5. Wrath Suggestions And Ideas

    Need more populate server , bcase every people wanna normal onlineabout 2k