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  1. any news?

    Yes, that's right, someone is still around, checking for news :P any possibility to see the server come back to live again? I know you guys wanted to do it at some point...
  2. New server opening date

    well, it does sound interesting indeed... +1 from me, it would be a different experience than usual, it definitely has potential... I'm looking forward to hear some more info :)
  3. New server opening date

    well, you know what they say: hope dies the last... and this really IS (yes, I still refuse to use past tense) the best server in the last few years, at least for me :D
  4. New server opening date

    +1 for the idea of reopening... I have several friends who are hoping for this scenario and would play here if it happens... so come on!
  5. Looking for big boobie babe with epic system

    Charlie, is there any chance of bringing the server back to life?
  6. Overlord Buffs [not a bug]

    http://legacy.lineage2.com/news/kamael_19.html "Skills that previously targeted alliance members will now affect only immediate clan members." Official patch notes of Kamael chronicle
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnld4HXFiLk
  8. Back again with some stuff that might be useful ;)
  9. some more videos, warlock/ee included
  10. Well, not sure about that... I remembered that there was luna official so I posted that video here, however you have a point, this might be the private server luna...
  11. - using symbol of noise at 8:00 + - no symbol usage here... (still might be useful)
  12. not about the symbol skills, but still might be useful video...