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  1. I can't connect to the server

    Unpack rar files maybe?
  2. Suggestion how to save the server :

    Photoshop is still downloading... :))
  3. Suggestion how to save the server :

    If u call one accidental nothing changing heal a corruption your relatives must have a tough life with you. You perhaps should apply for a cop career.
  4. I apologize

    U sir are so retarded it's beyond any imagination.
  5. I apologize

    U whinners are sad.
  6. I apologize

    Im glad you left as well :)
  7. I apologize

    Fuck you, sir. Seriously, fuck you.
  8. Wont start l2.exe on W10

    It's more reverse engeneering than programming when it comes to altering the client.
  9. Grave Robber Scout spoil bug

    Well 1/31 seems pretty low to me...
  10. Wont start l2.exe on W10

    It still should be running in virtualized win7. Can try that later on.
  11. Wont start l2.exe on W10

    Bcs server side app is built wo any security encryption and is much easier to be changed. Client app is much more secured, its nearly impossible to change hard-coded features.
  12. pow/pof

    i'm certain pof unlike cov doesn't give +20% crit rate neither 20% crit power. in exchange for that speed decrease is just 10% not 20% like cov... oh and powind gives VR 5% Prophecy of Fire: HP +20%, HP regen per tick +20%, P.Atk. +10%, P.Def. +20%, Accuracy +4, Speed -10%, Atk. Spd. +20%, Debuff Resistance +10% Prophecy of Water: MP regen per tick +20%, M.Atk. +20%, M.Def. +20%, Speed -20%, Casting Spd. +20%, Magic Critical Rate +100%, Debuff Resistance +10% Prophecy of Wind: Accuracy +4, Evasion +4, Atk Speed +20%, Recover 5% of melee physical damage as HP, Critical +20% from behind, Critical Damage from behind +20%, Debuff Resistance +10% Chant of Victory: HP +20%, restores the HP added, Speed -20%, Accuracy +4, P.Def. +20%, P.Atk. +10%, M.Atk. +20%, Atk. Spd. +20%, Critical +20%, Critical Damage +20%, M.Def. +20%, Casting Spd. +20%, Debuff Resistance +20%
  13. For me it was caused by internet explorer connection settings (somehow IE started to believe im behind proxy). Check proxy settings in IE and try again. .NET apps inherit connection settings from IE.
  14. Interlude working win 10

    U guys been warned like milion times ffs...