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  1. Why u added those spellbooks from hellbound toiop monsters, and only 2 of them(smart cubic/ rush inpact), as i know half classes spellbooks are in hellbound another half is possible to get in IOP, so what is wrong, half classes can learn skills half not. if that so remove all books from iop that shouldnt drop there, or add all hellbound ones, or even maybe make 83/81 on 4s raids? still no one cant even kill baium... so how they kill antharas, valakas, beleth? Just some random theory, /discuss.
  2. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    Hahahhahaha, good one.
  3. pow/pof

    POW, due to vampiric...
  4. Something to do with ES cubics

    i think it has something to do with texture load and cubic animations.
  5. so what drama happend there ? :D
  6. Pony+EE LF CP

    so u aint know the truth, funny that i knowed how other servers got "HACKED" where i played, and was to stupid to check CRITICAL errors on web, coz aint thoth that it would been so exposed, after i got hijacked my account, i was disconected, and with other char i seen how my inventory goes on the, ground, then i understood that was something with change password, AND WHO THE HELL DOESNT KNOW INSPECT ELEMENT? i checked on stream, i failed few times, and then i managed to retake GM account, if you would been watching me, or watched past broadcasts, u would seen that. person with some brains and PHP/HTML knowledge could done the same. i wont talk about it anymore. if it hard to understand, ofc everyone got diff opinion. AND BTW: i even dont know GM commands of OFF file server, so i couldnt do anything, even take off GM Hide. end of story.
  7. Thats why i'm called pony Master!

  8. Pipette knife donate

    with clan it is harder, not w/o clan.
  9. 1st class for adena

    1st class for adena //discuss
  10. Ancient Tome of the demon

    those tradable ATOD's would make server farm ATOD's and make another adena spending source, so randoms can solo low mobs to get some adena, and others to make party's
  11. Dynamic rates and no dualbox

  12. Ancient Tome of the demon

    Make them tradable/sellable!
  13. Barakiel

    summon is controlable NPC. if server npc dissapears, summons with pets dissapear too...
  14. srsly, does this got forgotten, or i will never see it again when i have ability to stream ?;/