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  1. shadith....

    after killing shadith i didnt got QI , and yes i was in pt with proove your courage quest in my quest inventory and after this we went for mos 2 GG ally lvl 5 :/ (tell me how i upload picks plz so i can proove my courage xD, cant upload normal screenshots even if i change them to g gpeg of any lower resolution...)
  2. 2 sides

    make the server interesting ,2 "big" clan with war can make it happen before its 2 late

    what atribute i must use for OL ? thx
  4. DMP farm

    best way to make DMP? HALP , thx
  5. seductive whispers Q

    ok ok , thx again
  6. L2 Community

    thats all the community you ll find unfortunately ,except for like 170 ppl who are active right now lol
  7. L2 Community

    dude when you join a european server you are supposed to take it easy , noone is gonna play 16h/day , there are no russians who are gonna farm non-stop thus forcing you to do the same ... you can just play a sort of chill server which can last 5-6 months and people can focus on pvping , instead of farming 20h/day .There are not any decent servers either at the moment , i mean people are leaving citadel to go to dex , seriously ? I cant ever recall a dex server which lasted for over a month , and all of them had rune donations or even force you to get premium accounts to actually play even back in 2010 .But i dunno maybe the dex admins have the right mentality , if people wont play a server for more than 3 weeks , they can just make some profit and close/open servers every month
  8. L2 Community

    l2 playerbase is pretty low unfortunately , mostly the "20hours farm for weeks " guys are playing nowadays which is meaningless , thats why servers close in 1-2 months
  9. About Maintenance

    the chance that 20 aq kills will result in 4 or less aq ring drops is 23.751%.Useless info of the day :)
  10. lagg on servur ?

    i used to lag aswell and im playing from greece , for like 1-2 h before siege i would get 5 second spikes and some delay aswell , but it was fixed later