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  1. I apologize

    better bad excuse then anything. but excuse that came after so long is so useless. and how can you HEAL someone by accident xDDDD best joke ever :D
  2. Leave non active clans !

    i meant restart to get rid of all those offlineshoopers that are there for more then week.
  3. Leave non active clans !

    complete restart would be the best imho.
  4. Suggestion how to save the server :

    i like idea about subs, tho with 30x im 100% against it. better would be xp runes for voting or something...
  5. Feedback! for L2Citadel

    but he has kinda the point...
  6. Grave Robber Scout spoil bug

    point is he git 1 material isntead of 10... wrong is the amount, not the rate.
  7. suppliers of reagents

    hi, i wanted to reasure. when u add 10 moon dust, then u add quicksilver, then you add temperature... so far all good, and u should be able to reverse (which i succesfully did) - till you press button mix. BUT when i added 10 moon dust, then i miscliced to whatever is near quicksilver, it wrote me i have not that ingredient and my moon dust disappeared.... is this normal? feels fishy. 2x missclick 2x moon dust disappeared
  8. Subclass Quest Golka box [Added To Known Bugs]

    thank gm, appreciated
  9. Subclass Quest Golka box [Added To Known Bugs]

    question is, will we get the box summon for us? :-P
  10. Subclass Quest Golka box [Added To Known Bugs]

    multivitaminka was there tooo! :D http://i.imgur.com/CtJBBIq.jpg
  11. Pipette knife donate

    i think this is more like question for GM/Admins... i mean, who care for forum heroes opinion? i know you guys need to spam in every topic, but this question why i cant donate baium interests me too.
  12. hi, i have all 3 needed sort of items (50 of each) and npc doesnt want to give me ice crystal :X
  13. 2 sides

    all your CP's sucks. CPs are ruining the game. Hate on.
  14. grade penalty? oO

    dayni thanks for your concern :) but how therevenger said its just visual :)
  15. pagan agro

    no no, you dont get my point... they aggroed on me just cause i get near to them. for example like in mos when you have weapon in hand. now(*) agro mobs get agro on you. i didnt use single spell