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  1. Anyone from TAO clan is alive and waiting for the server reopening? P.S. it's Minalinsky, the cat
  2. WTS topic

    WTS: SA 12 red Tallum Glaive EAA/EAB/EWA/EAS/EAC Fenrir 75 lvl without name TM gloves full unsealed rec TPA Cookaburra 35 lvl without name
  3. Ant queen killed on ~20.00 GMT +3 by few heroes from Defiance (xisheng and others) in 10 seconds. They got no raid curse/silense
  4. WTB book Anti-summoning Field

  5. WTB book Anti-summoning Field

    WTB book Anti-summoning Field
  6. S4League, just curious! :D

    this game died when it became possible to enchant weapons and armors
  7. wtb avadon gloves rec

  8. wtb avadon gloves rec

    Up~ wtb 1 ava gloves rec 100% 5kk
  9. wtb avadon gloves rec

    Up~ wtb 1 ava gloves rec 100%
  10. wtb avadon gloves rec

    wtb avadon gloves rec 60% or 100% pm ingame "minalinsky or "Envil
  11. Doom Crusher Anger

    I have tested Doom Crusher Anger and Doom crusher without SA on other server few minutes ago. In desription of SA it is written that it gives +11% p.atk.but actually in character stats in gives only +32-33 p.atk. static. So i think its a bug. I mean inccorrect translation from korean.
  12. Doom Crusher Anger

    So different points of view that i gonna see it myself. Bought SA 12 Green and waiting for monday. Will know what is it for real.
  13. Doom Crusher Anger

    up. lf 100% info about this
  14. Doom Crusher Anger

    Some databases show that Anger SA for Doom Crusher gives +32 p.atk. Others show +11% p.atk. When i was putting SA on this server in Doom Crusher in description of Anger SA it was written +11% p.atk. And finnaly, official korean database says that Anger SA gives for Doom Crusher +32 p.atk. So where is the truth?)
  15. Meteor Focus

    i will offline till monday so i will put this meteor shower in offtrade shop in the centre of giran. Character nick "minalinsky