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  1. Would You Play Again?

    Citadel players be like:
  2. Would You Play Again?

    Eh, kinda having a dejavu right now. Also discord doesnt work -.- Aliens abducted Citadel staff confirmed!
  3. Would You Play Again?

    Re-opening would be the ultimate christmas gift as well :)
  4. Would You Play Again?

    Except for this also make sure you communicate with the community 24/7 and emphasize "normal gameplay" and discourage zerging/rushing to PVP.
  5. Would You Play Again?

    I respect the opinions of others, but for me donations for anything except (preferably untradable) cosmetics are unacceptable. Donations must not interfere with gameplay. XP/SP runes etc. interfere significantly. After all, L2 is about grinding and making grind easier for real cash is absurd.
  6. Would You Play Again?

    Oh man, of course I would! I've been waiting for Citadel re-open for more than a year now. Sadly, I didn't get any email notification about your recent activity so I only found out now, but I'm still happy :) As for me, I'd like to see Hellbound on Citadel again. Its very rare chronicle and on Citadel it was flawless. Keep communicating with your community this time (instead of just not responding for a month after a problem) and everything will be fine.
  7. New server opening date

    Autumn here and still no CItadel? Come on!
  8. New server opening date

    Bad news then :/ But at least there is the "no dualbox" server which is interesting :)
  9. New server opening date

    So maybe it will be a christmas present?
  10. New server opening date

    Cmon Danii or someone, call the devs so we know something!!
  11. New server opening date

    OMG say something. Dont tell me you all have 2-3 month long vacation. We need Citadel NAOW!
  12. New server opening date

    Anyone else thinks theyve got more vacation days than working days? :D
  13. New server opening date

    Whoa whoa whoa, easy there buddy. Obviously you dont know the Citadel staff. Im 99% sure they are on vacation right now or preparing beta server for launch. They just dont communicate with us as usual. When big things are happening, they are always silent. One of the things I hated the most on the old Citadel, to be honest, but I guess you got my point. Until they say so themselves, there is no reason to assume they have given up.
  14. New server opening date

    what do you mean?