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  1. New server opening date

    I hope you will give us date,at least one month before start,so i could book holidays
  2. New server opening date

    Is the new server official or not?
  3. VoD Clan

    New beginning...
  4. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    Can i get my flash today ? kinda feels lonely when i am not playing
  5. TAO has friends. I want some too ;[

    Antharas killed by Defiance , so as baium , not sure TOA got them for xisheng or anyone else who left there to play. So dunno whats going on,but at least forum shows some life
  6. VoD Clan

    End of story. We shall meet again on World of Warcraft.
  7. Wont start l2.exe on W10

    W10 is not fail,other servers fixed that already , with different clients starting from c4. They just need to upgrade their security
  8. Smart Cubic

    It drop from mobs near Naiad , prob same who drop rush impact
  9. anakazel stuff

    just make server restart more often
  10. Ant queen killed in 10 seconds by few heroes

    You can add mystic immunity to the list of u have pp i think level 80.
  11. Javademic, and other s***

  12. windows 10

    Because that file is for that server not this one.
  13. Community board

    He was asking for the list of to do list,not the list of to do list list