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  1. Would You Play Again?

    I wasnt thinking about things that extereme, champion mobs would match their spawn zone (ie; a solo grind spot should remain a solo grind spot) but have slightly increase stats and better drops but also a higher respawn time. A bit like the rare NPC's in games like Aion. Thats exactly what I want to do so people can ' enjoy' the lower levels a bit longer but don't get stuck at higher levels. Also if the rate incrases everytime the levle gab is raised it makes it easier for people to catch up - especially if we also release a new newbie pack at each stage.
  2. Would You Play Again?

    Glad to see some input, keep it coming. I agree with sEEEEB that more intervals could be fun; gludio gate pvp's are epic :x Side note: champion mobs could make training more challenging as well which could solve some of the other issues you named.
  3. Would You Play Again?

    There are no specific things I disliked but then again I approach things from a developers perspective. I am way more interested in hearing the opinions of the people who actually play the game. We notice the Lineage II 'scene' is becoming smaller by the day and would like to offer something a little more special than the average flavor of the month server that people have played a hundred times over. Thanks for your opinion ^_^
  4. Would You Play Again?

    We're working on dusting off our old ticket system etc and getting a beta server online (soontm) and will make sure to regularly update pmfun and other regular channels as well :) You guys can of course help us with getting the buzz going as in the end its the players that make or break a server.
  5. Would You Play Again?

    Don't forget that the chronicle setup on retail kind of forced level caps as well. Of Course some people who played more reached the cap sooner than others but it did keep the active population somewhat in the same range. On private servers you don't have this natural cap and usually it leads to less pvp and an early grave of a server because there's a few CP's that rush to end game levels and buffs and 'dominate' the server. By following the retail level caps and updating them each week we could tamper that behavior which ultimately should lead to a more balanced game. Again, Im just throwing ideas out there.
  6. Would You Play Again?

    I sure hope so!
  7. Would You Play Again?

    Any thoughts on low rates combined with stuff like level caps and progressive rates? We could set a cap on level and increase rates as well as release a new noobie pack (shadow weapon/armor) every time we raise the level cap for example. This would keep the community somewhat in the same level range and would make it easier for people to catch up or join at a later date. I was also thinking about adding a few regular NPC's in each zone with higher respawn time and higher stats (hp/p.att etc) and better dropchances (like mini bosses). Still got some of my work here for that custom multi chronicle setup which I never finished because it requires a shit ton of time which I dont have. (Yes I will be around for the new server as well)
  8. New server opening date

    Oh Im around usually, Im just not logged in. Anyway, Im an office warrior now so not much time to develop anything thats worth waiting for.
  9. New server opening date

    To answer some questions: - We're aiming for a low rate server, at higher rates the content would run out in a matter of days - It'll be the HB client with zones, skills, shops etc limited to a specific stage - These stages will be similar to previous chronicles - We could potentially ad post HB features once the server reaches HB - The ETA for now would be in autumn 2016 as I only just started working on the files and I will be away on vacation in ~August for a few weeks. - No I wont give an exact date as this shit takes time as you can imagine. - I hope to post the basics of each stage somewhere by the end of this month - We're open to suggestions - At some stage there will be a Beta server but this will be a box with limited capabilities (our old dev box). Closer to live we'll move our shizzle to a live environment.
  10. Three Words Game

    King. But he
  11. New server opening date

    I'll try to work out a basic plan for the content distribution among the updates somewhere in the next few weeks.
  12. Three Words Game

    evil goddess of
  13. New server opening date

    Ok. This is not an official announcement (or maybe it is?) but I've been playing with the idea for a while to modify our HB files in such a manner that we could have periodic updates. We could limit the content and grinding spots available and have some sort of an alternative ' l2 classic' that would update every 4 weeks~. It wouldn't mimic l2 classic or real C1 -> HB but we do have the capabilities to (hopefully) create something that would last longer than 2-3 months. I could do a true C1 - HB but that would cost a significant amount of time (and money) and probably isn't justified. This would therefore be a C1 - HB based on our core which means script wise/content wise it would resemble the original chronicles but some game mechanics would work as they work in HB. Again, this is just MY idea and I still need to discuss it with the others to see if everyone would be on board but me being the dev makes that a little easier. Ideas and comments on the subject are welcome.
  14. New server opening date

    Sorry to disappoint you. Its nice to see some of you are still around though.