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  1. Would You Play Again?

    Yes, time sadly is a limited thing. (Yes I will be around for the new server as well)
  2. Three Words Game

    belief in god
  3. Three Words Game

    which shocked every
  4. New server opening date

    A quick update without updating anything, Mr lonely is currently on vacations as usual, so is Charlie. I just changed job, and am about to go on vacations aswell,but we have our pretty much set ideas set. Still as usual we won't do anything while one of us is afk. Anyways just wanted to show we are idling here, ~Shepard
  5. New server opening date

    Are you new here?
  6. New server opening date

    Good afternoon! I've heard something about a server!
  7. New server opening date

    Indeed, i'm not rulling it out either
  8. Do You league of legends ?

    Go dota or go home.
  9. New server opening date

    Contribution we already did on both servers specially on the first citadel, we even tried to get a wiki going, he worked for months on it. My point is that running a server the way we do is quite a lot of work, and I don't think it's worth it just for a couple of people.
  10. New server opening date

    As far as I'm concerned there's no plans on re-opening the/a server at the moment. I not sure there's enough demand for it.
  11. Lurkingggg

    What's up?
  12. make 1st class / Subclass buyable forbadena..

    I do think this might be a good idea, specially 1st class change. Will think about it.

    I'll explain this for the millionth time. You weren't hacked, people don't just get hacked, you either have a terrible password, or shared it with someone who shouldn't be trusted and got *scammed* not *hacked* and has you can expect it has nothing to do with the GM's or Admin's or whatever it's just bad decision on your part, we search try to get the items back when we can/have proof of the scam, the thing is your case couldn't be solved. So the same way we are incompetent admins, you are incompetent gamer. Topic locked.