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  1. Well obviously the new server has not come to be, though we still want to do it at some point. I have been getting more and more into CryptoCurrency mining which is something all us gamers can do and use our GPU to make cash, and in some cases very good $$. I am mining Ravencoin right now which is a fairly new crypto and is growing very fast, has huge backing and a great team. If you decide to mine it I recommend you hold it for at least 5-6 months as I fully expect the price to head up around $.50 after that time. There is a guide on how to get started here: How To MIne Ravencoin
  2. Three Words Game

    and turn right
  3. Would You Play Again?

    Chronicle will be HB. We should have a test server up pretty quick which will start with staff only until we have it to a point where we are ready to open it to public testing.
  4. We are not using IRC anymore and have changed to Discord. Join us there while we wait for further announcements on the new server.
  5. Would You Play Again?

    It would be February most likely and as of yet not sure on teh Chronicle. Leaning towards HB but doesn't mean it will be that.
  6. Would You Play Again?

    To get an idea on bugs you can check here: https://l2citadel.com/forums/forum/76-bug-reports/ I am currently going through that forum and doing some cleaning, some of what is listed there are not bugs and a few we would need to investigate. Check the "Known Bugs" forum for bugs that we know need to be fixed and the "Resolved Bugs" forum for what has already been fixed.
  7. Join Us On Discord

    Feel free to join us on Discord for discussion and news on our upcoming server: https://l2citadel.com/Discord
  8. Known Bugs

    Golkonda not spawning box for sub-class quest. Last hit with pet can cause this but shouldn't? https://l2citadel.com/forums/topic/3686-subclass-quest-golka-box/ Ghost not teleporting: https://l2citadel.com/forums/topic/3630-4s-bugged-omg/
  9. Site And Forum Upgrades

    Forums are updated which was a major upgrade. Let us know if you run into any bugs Edit: We are aware of the weirdness in URLs when opening forums. An additional /forum is added to the URL. (not actually a bug just the way the new forum structures things)
  10. I will be updating the site and forums in the next couple of days. If you notice some weirdness this is why. ~Charlie
  11. Would You Play Again?

    Yeah looking around it doesn't look like it was for what people want. There is the option of Gracia Final, Epilogie, H5. I am not all that familiar with things past HB though.
  12. Curious to see if there is enough interest out there to warrant setting something up. I doubt it would be HB probably low/mid Interlude same style as previous servers in regards to anti-bot, boxes, and donations. If I see enough interest shown here maybe another server could be in the cards. But there really needs to be genuine interest by more then just a handful of people. Sooooo if your interested post and if you know others that may be interested ask them to post as well.