Open Beta Is Officially Over

By admin / On Jan.21.2015 / In News / Width

As the title says Open beta is now over. It was really a great open beta and thanks to all who actively tested and participated. 2.2k game accounts were made during this open beta and that is amazing for an open beta even in the old days!

See you all on live!


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Open Beta is Live!

By admin / On Dec.13.2014 / In News / Width

Registration is opened and I just rebooted the server a final time.

Enjoy your stay!

Important links:

Connection Guide
Quick Reference Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
Gm Shop, Buffer, Set xp/sp etc

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Closed Beta Is Finished And OB Is Coming

By admin / On Dec.12.2014 / In News / Width

Finally it is time to get rolling with open beta!
Closed beta really was an epic effort by everybody involved, great work everybody. If you see our Closed beta testers around on the forums or IRC make sure to thank them!

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