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The fastest way to get support is through our support ticket system.

To submit a ticket, simply click the icon below and tell us what’s wrong and in no time at all our legion of boglins and elves will correct the issue and have you back up and running again!


Tickets are processed as soon as possible and in the order received. Depending on our workload we may take up to 24 hours to reply to a support ticket and we strive to resolve all tickets within 3 workdays. A longer processing time may be needed depending on the complexity of your issue. After we've reviewed and handled your ticket it will receive the status 'Closed'.

If you fail to reply to followup questions tickets will be automatically closed after 5 days. You may change the status of a closed ticket to open and add a reply if the issue was not yet resolved in your opinion; we do not recommend submitting a new ticket in this case.

Preferred Language

For the fastest response time, please submit your ticket in English or Russian. We reserve the right to close or return tickets in other languanges.

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To review the history of your past tickets and read or reply to open tickets vist my tickets.