L2Citadel: Live date announced!

Finally We Can Announce Opening Day!

Truly this has been a monumental undertaking by so many people! Closed beta testers, staff, wiki editors, clan members and leaders, and just people supporting this project who were willing to take their time and help. Thanks to all of you!

When myself MrLonely and Shep first started planning this project just over a year ago we knew it was going to be alot of work with a uncertain reception from the community. It has turned out to be much more work than we ever imagined, but so has the support and encouragement from the community been more than we could have expected. Before I start a text wall I'll just cut it short and say this project has exceeded all of our expectations in every way and in large this is due to you guys, the community.

Without the help and support of the community this project would have never made it. Thank you!

L2Citadel will go live 01/23/2015!