L2Citadel: Prepare for Wrath!

The most anticipated Lineage II server of 2015 Is almost here!

We are proud to present to you Wrath x15 Hellbound! Wrath will be the sequel to our 5x server which revived interest in the game throughout the community and made waves being the most complete retail Hellbound private Lineage 2 server ever opened.

L2Citadel: Newbie Pack Event!

This event will help new players to catch up to the general population of our server by providing shadow gear and consumables. The event as of now has no end date and the Newbie pack will be updated based on server developments.

Upon character creation, all characters will receive a L2Citadel - Supply box. This box can be opened and will split in four more boxes:

L2Citadel: Live information!

The path to live!

The last couple of weeks at L2Citadel have been extremely busy, with continuous updates and development both on the gameserver and on web development. As of 01/19/2015 client protection and encryption, dual box protection, new version of Black Watch, Auction System (web), Donations, and much much more have been completed and everything is on schedule for one of the largest launches in years and now the path becomes clear.

L2Citadel: Live date announced!

Finally We Can Announce Opening Day!

Truly this has been a monumental undertaking by so many people! Closed beta testers, staff, wiki editors, clan members and leaders, and just people supporting this project who were willing to take their time and help. Thanks to all of you!

L2Citadel: Open Beta arrived!

Open Beta has arrived!
Thanks to our genius dev team and the hard work of Closed Beta testers, I am happy to announce to L2Citadel has moved to Open Beta stage this weekend!

The details!
Account registration and the server patch are made publicly available for more information please visit our 'How to Connect' guide. During Open Beta Tony the cat and Mr. cat will be there to support you with items as well as buffs during your quest to find those last few bugs. You will also be able to modify your level through the web based Game Panel.

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