New enchant routes available!

By admin / On Jul.11.2015 / In / Width

To better balance the game, we've added several elemental enchant paths for fighter classes that were released on retail in Gracia.

The list of skills gained the following additional enchant options:+Fire, +Earth, +Water, +Wind:

Triple Sonic Slash
Sonic Storm
Sonic Blaster
Double Sonic Slash
Triple Slash
Sonic Buster
Force Burst
Force Storm
Force Blaster
Hurricane Assault
Fatal Counter
Crush of Doom
Lethal Shot
Evade Shot
Lethal Blow
Critical Blow
Shoulder Charge
Crushing Pain
Storm Assault
Slashing Blade
Triple Thrust
Shining Edge
Twin Shot
Rising Shot
Rush Impact

The list of skills below gained the following miscellaneous enchant options:

Demon Wind +Wind
Soul of Pain +Dark
Dark Flame +Dark
Annihilation Circle +Dark
Leopold +Fire
Dark Smash +Dark
Checkmate + Dark