Donating from Greece

By admin / On Jul.17.2015 / In / Width

Greece has introduced temporary capital control measures to limit the movement of currency out of the country. These capital controls that were recently imposed to Greece by its government also affect donation to L2Citadel.
PayPal paralyzed, as the online payment company relies exclusively on the traditional banking sector and credit card industry for its transactions, is placing temporarily holds on funds originating from Greece until the payments are cleared. As our donation system is fully automated, it will remove the CCoin from your panel and re-add it once the funds are cleared. 
For now, we advice you to donate using alternative methods. In case paypal is the only payment method available to you, we advice you to make multiple smaller sized donations instead of one larger one.
If you need further assistance, please contact us by making a support ticket.
We will try to be lenient towards those who are affected by this and review all cases on a case by case basis as usual.