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Donating from Greece

By admin / On Jul.17.2015 / In / Width

Greece has introduced temporary capital control measures to limit the movement of currency out of the country. These capital controls that were recently imposed to Greece by its government also affect donation to L2Citadel.
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The path to live!

By admin / On Jul.15.2015 / In / Width

With only a few days to go I'd like to inform you regarding the path that will ultimately lead to the launch of Wrath! Tomorrow (07/15/2015) the game server will go offline in preparation for live. Account creation through the panel will also be disabled.

The following days will be spent setting up the server for live on 01/17/2015 at 21:00gmt+1! All game accounts from Open beta and from the old x5 server will be usable once the server go

We will enable the game panel Friday afternoon for those who didn't make an account yet. 


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New enchant routes available!

By admin / On Jul.11.2015 / In / Width

To better balance the game, we've added several elemental enchant paths for fighter classes that were released on retail in Gracia.

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New Website Live!

By admin / On Apr.05.2015 / In / Width

We're happy to announce that, although with some delays, our brand new website is live!

A new skin to match for the forum and game panel is in the making as well and should be live over the next couple of days.

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Welcome GM Mustang!

By admin / On Feb.26.2015 / In / Width

Some of you may have already noticed a new name on the forum administration team or heard rumors about this on IRC but I'd hereby like to officially welcome Mustang to the L2Citadel administration team!

Mustang is an experienced GM previously connected to various servers under the old Roxy network and will mostly be charged with running ingame events as well as representing the L2Citadel team in-game, fulfilling the role of a much wanted ingame spokesperson.

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